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Who We Are:

The FMH Company was founded on October 1, 1966 in Studio City, California. We have served major corporations, start-up companies, specialty stores and numerous one-of-a-kind ventures as a shadow company. We fill the gap to make your company or organization full-service. We offer no structure changes, no sticker shock, and no personnel realignment. We back up your advertising agencies, marketing, circulation and sales departments both in and out of your company.

What We Do:

We offer in-depth experience, innovative creative talent and the vision to be on the leading edge of new technologies and methods. The FMH Company provides everything you need in the Advertising, Marketing, Promotion, Direct Response, Public Relations and Publicity fields: In-store assortment and space analysis, New Item speed to market implementation, Location analysis.

We do it all and have for over 40 years!

Project Developers
Solution Seekers
Creative Talent
Future Predictors
Innovative Thinkers
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 Sales and Motivational Training
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 Food Investigation and Technology
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